Rise & Grind


Yall! I didn’t get THAT much sleep because I couldn’t sleep last night for some reason.. BUT I did still wake up and work out! I chose Shaun T’s T25 to do the trick this morning. Ahhh, it feels so refreshing to get that morning workout in. I haven’t worked out in the morning in …

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Trial Week

Fitness Motivation

Ladies and Gents! Some amazing coworkers of mine want to lose weight and tone up, so they’ve taken the plunge to try out working out with me. Honestly, I had given up on the coaching thing for a while. I felt pressure to be so active and forced to constantly invite people to workout with …

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April 2, 2018


FREAK. I am feeling so anxious today and on the  verge of a panic attack any moment. No clue why, of course. Let’s cycle through some of the things on my mind and maybe that’ll make me feel better. Buying a house We have been thinking about whether we should buy our current house we’re …

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