Good Morning Ear Worm


Ear worm…Sounds gross right? It’s actually a phrase that means a song is stuck in your head! An old friend from college once said it to me and then had to explain himself shortly after due to the look he was getting from me.

I have an ear worm every damn morning! It’s like I wake up to the soundtrack of the day. Sometimes, it’s cool, because the song puts me in a great mood for a great day. Other times it’s terrible; I hate the song that’s stuck in my head or it’s way too damn depressing. And I thought it was just a once in a while thing, BUT NO. This happens all the time! I’ve accepted it and mostly jam out to the song while I get ready for work.

This morning, it’s “For the First Time” by Darius Rucker. If you haven’t heard this song, you’re wrong! I’m nice enough to put a link here for you to listen to it, though. It’s such an uplifting melody and the lyrics are stupid good. That’s my ear worm for the day.

Lyrics from Darius Rucker's

It really did make me think, though, when was the last time I did something for the first time? Well, last night I had my first party as a stylist for Stella & Dot. It was a lot of fun setting up all the jewelry and trying them on with everyone. I honestly can’t believe we get paid to drink wine and play dress up with jewelry with awesome women. I am not complaining. That’s the goal, man. Quit the corporate job and just live. I don’t want to miss seeing my baby girl grow up. Everyone always says that it flies by, well hell, I don’t want it to fly by while I’m taking that 45min-1 hour commute in the morning or sitting behind the desk for 8 hours of the day.

You may say I’m a dreamer…

I don’t give a fxck, let me dream. I promise to not crush yours if you don’t crush mine. We should support each other these days instead of always trying to outdo one another.

Words to live by

The moral of the story here is to embrace your ear worm and do something you have never done before.

Or tell me, what’s something you want to do that you’ve never done before?

3 thoughts on “Good Morning Ear Worm”

  1. I can’t believe you get paid for that either! Lol. I don’t know if you have already, but please write about your transition from sitting at a desk to entrepreneur. I remember reading about you wanting to go into music or sports management. I’m pretty sure the birth of your daughter was a big reason for your entrepreneurship. Sorry it took so long to come here! Happy 2018! About to read the other 3 posts.

    1. I also wanted to this ear worm stuff happens to me most every morning. Recently it’s been this called “Son of a preacher man” because it was playing at work. I just find myself randomly singing the chorus.

      1. I read your comment like 2 days ago and the song was stuck in my head for a few hours after I read it! lol

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