Breakfast w/Beachbody


Man, I have been SO disappointed with myself for not drinking my shakes every morning like I used to! I felt so bloated yesterday, I promised myself I’d eat a salad for lunch and drink a shake for breakfast.

Gotta start somewhere right?

I need to get back on track asap! I don’t want to be a fat lard 😭😂 I’m not, but am terrified of gaining any more weight. Losing weight after having a baby is some serious work. And don’t think that just because Miss Thang snapped back in 2 weeks that you will, too. Let’s be honest, you either got it or you don’t. Some women don’t have that genome that makes them shrink back to prebaby weight in a fraction of the time it takes most other women.

Don’t get discouraged, I am there with You!

Every. Single. Step.

I have my shakes, my beachbody workouts, my better eating habits (not diet plan), and a positive mindset!

I’ve just recruited you to be healthier with me.

We got this!

2 thoughts on “Breakfast w/Beachbody”

  1. My apartment FINALLY fixed the fitness center after almost 2 years. It opened on the 29th last month. Been in there daily except today cause I need sleep. Im gone be a fat lard if I don’t step away from Burger King smh. I clicked on the link for fitness coach and the post wasn’t there.

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