Christmas, Blissmas

Family Style

First and foremost, I hope yall had an amazing Christmas yesterday (if you celebrate it). I didn’t freaking touch my phone, yesterday! I probably responded to a few text messages here and there, but for the most part, I was just living in the moment & enjoying the company.

It’s weird, I felt strange not posting a picture or FB status about Christmas. Like, I for real went off the grid for a bit.

Do I regret it? Nope! I took pictures and videos and really had a great time. Who else gives a fuck that I enjoyed my day that much? lol Not in a pessimistic way or anything, but really. Everyone’s day went perfectly fine without a picture of my baby and husband being their cute selves.

With that being said….

Amora and Johnny being adorable Af

I mean LOOK AT THEM! Freaking adorable! They were knocked tf out from a long morning of playing, eating, and previous evening of drinking.

My mama made oxtails, my goodness, my house still smells amazing. Nothing like some home-cooked food, movies, and wine on a cold Christmas day.

And online shopping.

If you’re thinking about S&D, you’re right. That winter sale is pretty ridiculous. Some of the cutest damn pieces are on sale for up to 60% off and I’m dyyyying. These are the cutest:

Slim City Clutch

This thing is so stinking cute. Perfect for an “OMG I’m so sorry I forgot to get you a Christmas gift” makeup gift. Or just snag it for yourself because it’s on sale and amazing.

Glamorous Tasseled Chandelier Earrings

Because your ears need love too…

Tech Wristlet in Deep Coral

The color of this wristlet gives me goosebumps lol It’s SO BEAUTIFUL!!


Ok, ok, that’s enough. Can’t have yall out there looking better than me!


CS ♥

2 thoughts on “Christmas, Blissmas”

  1. Merry belated Christmas! Yes, they are adorable lol. I always fantasize about my baby sleeping on my chest like belly to belly.

    1. lol thank you! They both can drive me crazy, but it’s my favorite haha Amora is actually standing here right now terrorizing my laptop. I’ve had to delete so many unwanted characters…
      And Johnny loves when she sleeps on his chest. She loves it, too. They actually often fall asleep like that haha

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