I Suck at Baseball

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Sometimes, life throws you very shitty curveballs.

Like getting sick with the flu, bronchitis, and a sinus infection all at the same time, days before your daughter’s first birthday. I was actually in the hospital on her birthday. The doctor asked how long ago did I give birth…

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“Exactly one year ago today”, I replied.

It was terrifying. My anxiety, on top of being very sick, was enough to make me feel like the end was near.

But it wasn’t, obviously.

My vitals were perfect and nothing abnormal. I can’t say the same for my uncle. New Years Day, he had a heart attack and ended up in the hospital in a coma.

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After tests and more tests, they determined he had extensive brain damage. They tried a hypothermia coma and other protocols, but it still wasn’t looking good. The decision was finally made to take him off the ventilator.

And now his heart is still beating.

We don’t know what day will be his last. Or if by the grace of God, he miraculously walks out of there. Only time will tell. I can say that I am definitely tired of shitty curveballs for the year.

2018 better stop sucking, asap.

♥ C.S.

2 thoughts on “I Suck at Baseball”

  1. Are you feeling better? How is your uncle doing?

    Also, is there a better way to access the site cause it’s not showing in my regular WordPress feed. Maybe cause you use the premium version? I access it by our old comments

    1. I’m feeling a LOT better. My uncle ended up passing away. I’m glad we had time to say bye and be with him. His son and my sister were by his side when he took his last breath, and it was peaceful.

      Also, I entered your email address on the WP subscriber box on my home page. you should be getting all the post updates now.. I turned off the mailchimp pop up that you subscribed to at first. It was more work than helpful since WP already has a widget for subscribers. You’re good to go now!

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