Ladies Night


Awwwww yeaaaaa!!! Friday night, Jan 26th, it’s going down at my house! Ladies Night will be AMAZINGly fun and much needed after the crazy weeks we have all had this year so far. If you’re in the Houston area and want to make new friends, comment and I’ll send you the details. This will be the first of more to come, hopefully!

There will be music, drinks, food, jewelry, massages, professional makeup artists, and great conversation. I’m so excited to host this with 2 other very talented ladies.

Don’t second-guess if you have the time or feel like it. Do something for yourself and just come!

“Oh yes it’s ladies night, and I’m feelin right. Oh yes it’s ladies night, oh what a night!”

2 thoughts on “Ladies Night”

    1. lol it was super fun! Drinking, chatting, makeup, jewelry, massages, friends… and she actually did make an appearance at the end! Everyone was excited to see her <3

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