Light Bearer

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I’ve been listening to NGen radio a lot lately. It’s been helping my anxiety as well as feeding my religious hunger. I haven’t been to church in several weeks and it had been a while prior to that, as well.

I don’t believe that the only way for me to get the Word is by sitting in a man-made building listening to someone speak politics and other nonsense. That’s why I love the song “Real Love” by Blanca! I read the Bible, pray every night and throughout the day, and consult with my mom and other believers about the Word.

NGen has been talking about us being light bearers by opening up our hearts, homes. etc to people and let the love of God shine. Well, I’ve been more open to others lately and they have opened up to me.

I had an amazing conversation in the bathroom this morning with a coworker that I normally just speak to on the go; just a quick few words, nothing too deep. I learned some personal things about her today and how she put complete faith in God to carry her through her hardships. It was so refreshing to see/hear someone else love Him and praise Him even though she lost so much.

I opened up to her about a similar issue I went through, and it was a tacit bond created. When she left the bathroom, she said it was nice chatting with me this morning. It was like we both felt a little bit of relief just talking to someone, let alone, someone who believes that His plan is greater than our own.

I’m going to continue to try and keep this up, it’s been nice!

Also, as an update on my uncle, he did pass away. But I am sure he is settling in nicely in that kingdom with our Father.