Where TF Did February Go

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Saying that February flew by would be an understatement. That shit disappeared.

I mean, I get it; 2 less days during the month than others but fuck. (haha buttfuck)

I didn’t even really get much accomplished. I mean, I started a new position at work which is great. Some birthdays happened. Oh yea, I went to the hospital a few times, too! LOL

Guys, I suffer from terrible anxiety. It’s been off and on terrible for the past several months. I’ve been trying some meds my doc has prescribed. So far, no dice. But I have read that it takes time to find the right medicine that works for you. So I’m still searching! I can say that I am at least feeling a lot better than I was before. Progress…

Besides that, life’s great! hahaha!

I may start giving beginner piano lessons. I met this one woman in a bar [nope, this isn’t the beginning of a hilarious joke] who saw my music tattoos and asked me what I do. I wanted to respond with “not a damn thing involving music now since the world sucks and I have to pay bills, therefore can’t devote all day every day to giving people eargasms” but instead told her about my music background. She was impressed, as she should have been, and went on to ask me if I gave lessons. I kept telling myself lately that I needed to jump back on that damn music horse and not fall off again. This was my chance to start on my grind again.

We exchanged contact info and went from there. I’m getting things in order [refreshing on my piano skills] before I give her a call and set a sched. Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited about it. I think it’ll be good for me. My only apprehension is that I want to spend more time creating music and am trying to fit all of that into my stupid schedule now. The hubbs and I have figured out a pretty good sched now, though, that will let me have more time to myself in the afternoon. This’ll be week 1 trying it out. It’ll consist of daily workout and music time.

And dinner. I have to cook dinner.

We’ll see how it goes. Of course I’ll post pics of workout progress and share some of the wonderful music I make. Time to work on my friend’s website before the Oscars start.

Happy Sunday Yall!



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