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Working out has always been a huge part of my life. I played sports all through middle school and high school and wanted to keep active in college. Gaining the Freshman Fifteen was terrifying to me. I was like, damn, I can’t go down like that!

I started doing Shaun T’s Insanity one day and completed the first month. I looked fan-fuckin-tastic and decided to chill on the intense exercises. I also was losing a bit more weight than I had wanted. I know that sounds crazy, but I wasn’t trying to be too thin. I was happy with the amount of weight I had lost and muscle gained.

I pretty much maintained my physique throughout college and the years after.

Then pregnancy happened.

I got pregnant and blew the hell up. I mean, it’s crazy how far that belly stretches! I wasn’t overly big or anything, but when you’re used to wearing tight clothes and not worried about any rolls to then having to wear stretchy pants every day, it’s a drastic change.

My pregnancy was beautiful and I gained a healthy amount of weight. I had our amazing little girl via csection. That was a long, hard recovery for me. I was so disappointed and disgusted with the way I looked. I felt terrible. As soon as I was able to move around more, I started going on walks. I then tried to jog, but that wasn’t going very well. I got mega frustrated and just wanted to lose this damn blubber hanging around my belly.

I remembered back to college and how Shaun T had me looking RIGHT. I wanted that same thing; break me down and build me up in a month or two. I looked for my Insanity DVDs, but after 3 moves including a move from Miami to Houston, those DVDs were raggedy and scratched up.

I went to my ‘go-to’, Amazon, and looked up some Shaun T workouts and found Insanity-Fast and Furious. Ordered it and had it at my doorstep in 2 days with my Prime shipping. I popped that sucker in the PlayStation, and my husband and I started going at it.

Going at the workouts, not anything nasty, jeez.

It was a 20 minute workout and I felt just OK afterwards. It was very strenuous on my recovering body. He continued to do the workout, but I couldn’t keep up after the next day. There were too many moves that I had to modify or just couldn’t do at all. It felt pointless.

I couldn’t run, I couldn’t do Insanity, I felt like I just had to sit there and wait until my body was 100% before I could do anything.

It was miserable.

But then an old college friend reached out to me because she saw I was doing some Insanity workouts and asked me if I knew about Beachbody on Demand. My first thought was, “wtf, beachbody is on demand, like on my cable subscription and I’ve been buying DVDs!?”.

Negative. Beachbody on Demand (BOD) is a subscription to Beachbody that gives you access to every single workout they have ever created or will create. As new programs come out, you have access to them and can do them virtually anywhere. They have an app on the Amazon Firestick, Android, Apple, or just visit the website on any browser like your TV or laptop.

Man, I signed up in a heartbeat and gained access to over 600 videos, and I knew something had to work for me. And I was right! I found TurboFire with Chalene and started wrecking it!! I was able to complete entire workouts with minimal to no modification. I got so much stronger so fast, I felt amazing. I wanted to take things a step further and even started using the personalized meal plans on the website. There are social groups called challenge groups where me and a bunch of other people pretty much virtually worked out together and posted about it. After each workout, I would take a selfie and post about my workout. Getting feedback and support from strangers or people I knew was motivating and comforting to me, since I was really struggling with my physical appearance after having my daughter.

After about a month of regaining my strength and retraining the muscles in my body, my Beachbody coach (my college bud) asked me if I’d be interested in becoming a coach. I was like, hell yes sign me up!

So I did lol! And I haven’t looked back.

Dude, being a Beachbody coach has been so rewarding.

I get to help people lose weight and develop better eating habits, all while I work on my own body and fitness journey. Then when people email me or call or text me just to tell me thank you for helping them reach their goals and lose weight, I’m like wth, this is amazing! How are they thanking me?? It’s because I believe in them and help keep them on track, but they put in the work.

My coaching services were included when they signed up with their Challenge Packs. It gave them access to me 24/7, portion control containers, a free month of Shakeology (that shit is amazing), and a year of the Beachbody on Demand service. So far, every single person I have worked with has achieved some level of results but most of all, they’re happy and satisfied.

I want to see how many people I can help, what awesome results I can get others to achieve. I love talking about health and fitness and totally want you to be on my team with the other amazing people I coach. If you’re looking for something to help you with the weight you’re struggling with or just want to be in better shape, this is where you want to be.

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Maybe you’re already fit and are looking for something more to do? Or want some side cash to help pay for your weekend splurges? Men and women are all welcome to join my team of coaches so we can help change lives together!

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